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 The Halfling project has been offering "time for" photo shoots since it's inception.

Time for to recap is where neither party pays the other but instead each benefit from the images and work carried out.

Changes to Halfling Project now mean that all performer based work will transfer and be carried out by act4ward - which is setup with the performance industry and actors as a priority.

Working2gether is a special series of invitation shoots and meetings  on the same time for principle.

This will run for a limited period with the aim of trialling and illustration work for  act4ward for it's official launch next year.

The criteria to take part is simple but demands a professional attitude towards the work.

A lot of time has been wasted with "no shows" and short notice cancellations , poor communication and frankly lack of respect by potential participants with open castings set by The Halfling project.

This will not be allowed with act4ward - so applicants will need to assure on application they justify the opportunity, and have the enthusiasm and professional attitude to commit to the work.

Once that is determined we are ready to plan and arrange.

Whilst act4ward works extensively with experienced  actors I will not let it exclude those without experience but enthusiasm to take part.

The day's  set to be enjoyable and productive.

Because sometimes we will hit confidence barriers - if your taking part rest assured we work together to get you past your doubts and personal fears. But be aware once you have the basic's you will if acting is a career or serious career prospect be taken forward to what the industry is likely to demand from you. This can be tough but vital if your going to succeed at castings and get the roles you deserve.

Always remember I am on your side - I want you to progress and succeed at your goals - but sometimes it's not going to be easy, but certainly the outcome of success during these days can reap great reward later.


So how do we start?>>>>>



Working2gether is designed to blend between The Halfling Project and act4ward, and is designed to discover new talent or build on talent from The Halfling project on the same time for terms as Halfling.