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            Age Groups [1]  5 - 12 - males

There are three age groups to work on act4ward.

The age group reflects the range and level of work planned for the participant.

Here we also presume male participants, but girls may apply - or take part with their brothers etc.

This age group is often a combination of acting/performance and modelling.

The first meeting therefore is designed to build up a rapport and trust with those taking part and deals with how to work with the stills camera.

It is encouraged that those taking part bring their own clothes and any chosen "props" - covering all four seasons as well as sports and formal wear.

The rest is built up from what we have here.

Child protections guidelines means the shoots have regular breaks and the child decides when to stop.

Parents or their representatives should be in attendance and involvement is welcome.

However as the child relaxes and during advanced work parents are asked to take a backseat to ensure the young actor know's what to expect on commercial and professional work.

The key aspect is it should be fun - because if the young performer is enjoying themselves the results will be better and advancement quicker.