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                               Age 17 preparing for 18

Everyone grows up at different speeds which is why one 15 year old is shaving and another is not. Age range to an actor is how you appear in an image or on screen - your actual age hardly matters within reason. So look at the picture of Luke here - how old is he 15 -16 -17 18?

Hard isn't it?

Now, just as in physical development we all age differently, so we do mentally with one 16 year old acting like 12 and another 20!

Ok - so is there a point to this?

Well, yes because young actors also develop their acting at different ages and often at 16 are ready for anything an 18 + can do.

But guidelines say otherwise and they can find their castings limited due to their age, even though ready and able to perform the work.

Then there is the issue of hitting 18 and suddenly your agent [or prospective agent] expects more from you than your ready to give!!

So to the point - when an actor hits 17 he/she is often ready for preparation for the 18+ work, treating them as a child is not right as they have progressed further than this, but as an adult their birth certificate says they are not ready.

17 preparation work is set to deal with this quandary.

subject to certain criteria and appropriate consent a 17 year old actor can begin to cover whats expected once they hit 18.

This work is confidential and strictly relevant to their ability and potential role types.

A 17 prep shoot does not mean 18+ range from the start, but simply should they reach a point where it helps their career/acting development that they can advance further than their age normally allows.

No work is sexually explicit or "adult" - a strict decency/ standards policy is always in place.