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                                          Age   18 up

act4ward aims to help those hitting 18 to make reasoned practical decisions regarding their acting style, content and range.

More experienced actors who have the experience simply build on it .

Ofcourse the style and medium of the work will set the chances of the more extreme demands upon an actor.

However if that actor has learned that key lesson "I am not me - I am my character" then things tend to work out fine!

Once you hit 18 as a performer like the world in Torchwood "everything changes"

The demands on an adult actor are now unrestricted and your agent is likely to encourage you to offer a full acting range.

When you think about it this is an obvious thing for the agent to ask of you as a performer - he wants maximum return from your work, and it's reasonable to presume you want as much work as possible.

A quick viewing of Channel 4 or BBC 3 youth drama quickly shows you what to expect as an actor in tv youth roles and film is little different.

Theatre actors often find the same, but the audience is smaller and less likely to be recorded.

It is in this sector that confidence is vital - you need to show absolute confidence in castings even if inside your petrified - you can decline roles but first you have to get offered them.

Also remember the chances of getting a final script before or at the casting is unlikely. It could be several weeks before you see any form of actual script.

One big issue for most actors is a question found on most agents application forms "Nudity in performance - yes or no?"

If you say no you may not be taken on as it restricts your "brand" your work range and makes the agent work harder!

If you say "yes" whatever do you do then?

Well many simply panic!

And don't presume your acting college is going to cover this - many don't!

Now let's get this clear from the start - it's your choice to make - no one including me has any right to make you do something you simply don't want to do. But in my experience most can overcome the fear and become confident at least to consider it, and they do this by facing it head on.

By use of photography and relevant dramatic scenes it's possible to bring someone round to a level of confidence required for the industry.

We are not talking sex scenes here or graphic work, simply the most basic costume of all - the human body uncovered.

Scenes requiring levels of dressing down are not rare - think of changing room scenes, shower scenes - or simply getting out of bed in the morning! In period drama it's quite commonplace too.

It may be hard to believe but it easier to get this out the way than worry at every casting what you might need to do.  And don't worry it's confidential and professional throughout.